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You really don't need to accept the team you've got. 

Despite what tradition says, it's really not difficult or expensive to transform your people into the team you wish you had; the team with the answers.

Using this old school method, with a modern twist, we're helping corporates and SMEs upskill their teams, align them to their business strategy, and develop a learning culture that churns out leaders who drive results

And, best of all, you can do it without spending thousands or wasting 100s of hours.


“We all start learning from books. Whether we want to become the best salesperson or HR expert. 

So, why don't businesses keep encouraging growth through books?

It's because they don't really know how...

That's why we created BookSync; a platform that tailors professional  development reading recommendations based on each individual, letting you track progress, nurture through feedback and improve your team."

Jennifer Wilson


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The Professional Development Platform Built By Books 

As Strong As Your Weakest Link

Your team has it's weaknesses. Every team does. It's natural. 

But, by building the fundamentals of each individual through recommended reading, your team produces consistently better results.

Everyone On The Same Page

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have your whole team singing from the same sheet? 

BookSync makes it happen. By ensuring your people are read up on the same business concepts, you align them to your strategy and achieve your goals quicker.

Produce Consistent Leaders

This maybe BookSync's defining feature.

By benefiting from specific book recommendations for the growth of each individual, you develop creative-thinking leaders who drive results.

Here's How It Works:

1. Use BookSync's recommendations to discover the books to help each individual develop.

2. Keep people accountable and track their reading progress through the platform. 

3. Use the feedback to explore new ideas and nurture professional growth to help improve your business.

How tO Actually
Upskill Your Team

... without training courses, corporate gurus or questionable results.