A corporate book club to improve your team. 

- Assign books
- Track progress
- Analyze results

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How What Should I Read Next? Upgrades Your Team...

Your Team, 
          But Better 

The bespoke book club that makes upskilling your team super simple and affordable. 

Using our unique, algorithm-driven business book club, it’s easy to assign industry-defining books to your team and benefit as they grow. 

Track progress, discover new knowledge, then review feedback to help nurture the progress of each person. 

Books to build your business...

100s Of Mini-Courses

The best business books give easy-to-implement advice; they're mini-courses with the power to improve your business.

And, now it's easy to know which books are perfect for your team.

Tailored To You

Each book recommendation is finely tuned to the individuals in your team.  

Your team is unique, so is their development. 

Everyone On The Same Page

"You're only as strong as your weakest link."

Guarantee your whole team has a consistent level of knowledge and skill by setting a mandatory reading list.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Training courses are expensive. Sometimes an expensive mistake. 

Now you can save more and earn more with the skills your team learn.

What Should I Read Next? presents...